“Bio-Ag has produced a high quality food at a reasonable price. We were intrigued by the price, but have been thoroughly impressed by the quality of this food. We have been feeding Bio-Ag dog food to all of our Labs for the past 2 years. We have seen great results with fewer health problems and healthy coats on our dogs. We have had less overall hair loss and have even noticed less hair loss after whelping. We recommend this food to all of our puppy customers.”
~ Norma & Vernon Brenneman, Brennridge Kennels
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Our dogs have been fed Norman's Naturals since Bio-Ag first introduced dog food.
The consistency and quality of the product are superior to other dog food brands fed in the past.
The nutritional value of Normans Naturals must be very good as my 12 year old Aussie male is called upon and still performs stud service; for us that speaks volumes about Normans Naturals.

Sincerly Jeff Campbell
2010 182
This is Dax our female Chocolate Lab. She was born Aug 11, 2007. My husband and I got her when she was only 8 weeks old. We started to notice some odd things about our little girl. Most chocolate labs are born only with blue eyes. Our little Dax at the time had more of a bright green/blue coloured eyes and that is how we picked her out of all the other 6 females in her litter. She was also one of the smallest pups yet when she came home she was eating tons and drinking excessively. 

A week after bringing her home we took her to the vet where we found out she was not gaining any weight and was still drinking excessively because she had many different parasites in her system. Believe it or not she was nick named “wormy” at the time by the vet because she had tapeworm, whipworm, hookworm, ringworm, roundworm along with ear mites, parvovirus and giardia.
Immediately we put her on some veterinary prescription drugs and along with the recommendation to get her on a very highly nutritious and organic food with no preservative or bi-products as bi-products and preservatives would feed the parasites in her body, we chose to do some research.

Murray Bast & Dana McGregor introduced us to Norman’s Naturals when Dax was only 9 weeks old. She immediately loved the food. Upon our next visit to the Vet’s he stated that a large majority of the worms had disappeared and that they were dying off at a rapid pace compared to normal and asked me what food product we went with. We replied with Norman’s Naturals. He asked us upon our next visit which was in 2 weeks to bring the products ingredient list in for him to see.  Our next visit quickly approached and Dax continued to do well with more and more of the parasites disappearing. The Vet was very impressed with the ingredient list that Norman’s Naturals had in it and advised to us definitely continue with that food. He stated it was one of the best ingredient lists he had seen in a dog food for a very long time.

Dax is going to be 4 yrs old Aug 11th, 2011 and she is a very healthy & happy 80lbs. Her vets state she is in excellent shape and doesn’t need to be on any diets, her teeth are extraordinarily white, she is a very active, fit dog with lots of very lean muscle. We contribute our dog’s excellent healthy weight and healthy lifestyle to Norman’s Naturals Dog Food. It kept her alive through many of the first rough few weeks and is keeping her healthy, happy & full of life years later!
Thank-you Murray Bast & Dana McGregor for introducing us to Norman’s Naturals & for making our Chocolate Lab Dax the happiest, most beautiful, luckiest & suckiest dog we could have [Symbol] Darcy & James Farwell [Symbol]
Tux and Jem are both Shitsu-Poodle crosses. Tux is coming up to 14 years of age and Jem is turning 13 years of age.  The dogs have been on Normans Naturals for as long as I can rememeber.  For their age they have good eyesight, and both have a beautiful coat of fur.  Tux still has a majority black coat! 


The dogs are still very active, and when it is dinner time they run like puppies to their respective dishes. The dogs have wonderful temperment and enjoy being around other animals such as cats.  They are the best of friends.  Normans naturals has all natural ingredients and the dogs love it.
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