Natural Chicken & Brown Rice
Formula for the Dog You Love


Ingredient #5 - Barley

How Barley Helps Your Dog’s Digestive Health


How does your dog like to spend her energy? Does she love running with you through the forest? Heading to a café with you and soaking up the sun? Is she everybody’s best friend at the dog park?

Norman’s Naturals is the perfect choice for her because whatever she’s up to, she needs energy that lasts all day long.

Barley is a whole grain that supports your dog’s digestive health. It is a great source of fibre, carbohydrates, and B vitamins. It also provides your dog with a source of iron and selenium.

Barley is also a source of methionine and cysteine. These amino acids are important for your dog’s heart health.

Your special girl deserves the best dog food. With a balance of natural ingredients, Norman’s Naturals will deliver on nutrition and it tastes great too!

~Guest Contributor, Alyssa Foulkes

Alyssa is a local dog trainer based in Guelph, Ontario. 



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